OPC Pack ActiveX/VCL

Iocomp's ActiveX/VCL OPC Site is an add-on for our instrumentation and plotting controls.

  • 1All License Purchases Include 1-Year Support & Maintenance!
  • 2All Licenses Include ActiveX and VCL Versions!
  • 332-bit & 64-bit Window OS's supported!
  • 432-bit & 64-bit ActiveX application development/distributables!
  • 532-bit & 64-bit VCL application development support!
  • 6Controls are Supported by 100+ Development Environments!
  • 7Borland VCL Version Includes Full Source (100% Delphi Source)!
  • 8Royalty Free Distribution (Excludes HMI & SCADA type apps)!
  • 9Real-Time, High-Speed Controls!
  • 10Built-In Custom Property Editors for Ease of Setup!
  • 11In Use by 1000's of Companies Around the World! (See List)
VB6 VS2010
Visual C++ 6.0 VS2012
Front Page VS2013
Excel VS2015
VS2003 VS2017
VS2005 VS2019
VS2008 VS2022
Delphi 6 - 11.0 Sydney RAD Studio XE - 11.0 Sydney
C++ Builder 6 - 11.0 Sydney

Many other ActiveX Dev Environments!

OS's : Any Windows OS (32-bit/64-bit)

All Controls have 0 Dependencies!
License - Description Price Order
OPC Add-On Site License $945 Purchase
OPC Add-On Site Subscription Renewal $315 Purchase

1. All Licenses Include 1-Year Support and Maintenance!