V5 SP4

Environment 32-Bit 64-Bit All Languages
(C#, VB.Net, C++.Net)
VB6Yes No n/a
VC++ 6Yes Yes n/a
VS2003Yes Yes Yes
VS2005Yes Yes Yes
VS2008Yes Yes Yes
VS2010Yes Yes Yes
VS2012Yes Yes Yes
VS2013Yes Yes Yes
VS2015Yes Yes Yes
FrontPage/HTMLYes * n/a
HMI/SCADA (ActiveX compatible)Yes * n/a
Thousands of other ActiveX compatible Environments!Yes * n/a
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* Depends on the capabilities of Dev Environment

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10 August 2018
.Net Winforms
V5 SP2 Released!
Release Notes...
16 May 2017
V5 SP4 Released!
Release Notes...